Fakhimzadeh was born in Tehran to a middle class family. His mother was educated and spoke French and his father was a bank clerk. His family was traditional family and didn't approve of acting as a proffession.  He studied medicine but it was not the subject of his interest, so he left the university to join the army to complete his national service.  Later he went back to Tehran university but this time to study French at Language and Literature Faculty.  During the same period he also enrolled to Fine Arts faculty. Prior to graduation he  translated some foreign  plays the production of which he later directed as well as taking  acting positions in the plays. He graduated from university with a BA in French language .

His first serious acting role was  in 1973 movie Topoli by Reza Mirlouhi. He directed two movies: Proposal in 1989 and Spouse in 2000 both of which became the second best movies the year. Fakhimzadeh has directed and acted and written two grand Isamic history series called Tanhatarinin sardar (The loneliest commander) and Velayat eshgh (The land of love).  In addition, he has written, directed and acted in three series: Khabo o bidar (Asleep & awake), Biseda faryad kon (Silent scream) and Sakhtoman 85(The building No 85).

Awards & The letters of appreciation: He was rewarded Honours diploma for the best screen play Shetabzade (In haste) in the tenth Fajr film festival. He was given appreciation letters for the screen play Hamsar (Spouse) and for acting in Tavarish (The comrade), both from twelfth Fajr film festival.